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Family Dentistry


We encourage Regular Visits

We encourage regular visits with our younger patient’s to make sure that their teeth develop correctly from a ‘’health decay point of view’’ to a ‘’smile bite point of view.’’

We take a very preventative approach using fissure seals (a thin white layer to prevent a vulnerable tooth from needing a filling later) and fluoride coating (fluoride is the medicine that strengthens tooth structure to resist decay).

We are a totally mercury free practice.

We will also use our examinations to check on gum health and cleaning and teach a child to clean effectively. All of the above factors will help to get a child through the early years without having to have extensive fillings or possible extractions.  In my experience if they can get to 18 with minimum or no fillings then they can often get through their adult years needing very little work on their teeth .

It is a real winning scenario for the child and for the parent alike.

Family Dentist, Bishops Stortford


We are pleased to offer 0% finance for large courses or treatment. Successful applicants can spread the finance over 6, 10, or 12 months. For more information on our finance deals please contact our reception team on 01279 466775.

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